All Access Pass  

All Access Pass

Here at PCC, we are frequently asked - "What if I want ALL of Gordon's videos?"  

PCC's All-Access Pass is the answer!

All-Access Pass Members receive the following:

  • Streaming access to every active CE video, currently over 70 videos (See list of titles below. Over $11,000 value if purchased separately)
  • Every new video, as soon as it's released.  We release a new CE title every other month - that's 6 new titles a year (over $950 value)
  • Membership to our International Study Club, including the annual Las Vegas course ($899 value)
  • Over 100 CE hours are available (must take post-tests to receive CE).  As an All-Access Pass holder, your CE tests are included with your subscription.  Additional CE tests are available for your staff (unlimited) and one additional dentists for a fee.  The additional test fees are: $25/test/dentist and $10-20/test/auxiliary, depending on CE hours
  • NEW: 3-hour virtual course recordings, available one week after live course (over $3,000 value)
  • NEW FOR 2021: Select from 2 options for our annual course "Paradigm Changes in the Profession", live in Las Vegas on Saturday, Sept 18, 2021 - or - LIVE online course on Thursday evening - Sept 23, 2021.

$4,999 First Year     |     $999 Annual Renewal Fee


The All Access Pass is the best way to stay up-to-date on the most timely topics in dentistry.

Watch every video*, with no limitations on how many times you view each title!  Need to review the technique for a simple third-molar extraction before your patient tomorrow? Want a refresher on how to accomplish a vertical mattress suture?  Login and watch!

Utilize your All-Access Pass with your team - optimize lost production time during cancelled appointments, train new employees, and use content for regular staff in-service meetings.  Your savings continue with the low annual renewal rate.  

* See titles listed below. Dr. Ruddle's endodontic videos and other non-CE videos are NOT included in this subscription.  The All-Access Pass is an annual streaming subscription designed for a single practitioner of any age.  Please contact PCC if you are interested in a multi-user account for additional savings.

PCC Video Library at a Glance 

Dental Assisting

V4745              Dental Assisting for Posterior Restorations

V4714              Effective Use of Four-Handed & Six-Handed Dentistry

V4748              Essentials of Effective Dental Assisting, 2nd Edition

V4799             Optimizing Dental Hygiene to the Next Level!

V4700             Top Ten Revenue-Producing Expanded Functions

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

V1136              Efficient Diagnostic Data Collection by Auxiliaries    

V1174              Implementing Cone Beam CT Imaging into Your Practice

V1135              Maxillofacial Digital Radiography - Simplified


V1316             Efficient & Smart Endodontics for General Practitioners

Esthetic Dentistry

V1570              Botox and Dermal Fillers in Dentistry

V1571              Ceramic Veneers, State-of-the-Art

V1559              Direct Resin Veneers – A Great Practice Builder!

V1572              Onlays vs. Crowns

C997A             Removal of Superficial Tooth Stains

Implant Dentistry

V2391              Diagnosis and Treatment of Failing Implants

V2305              Proven Simple and Successful Use of Mini Implants

V2379              Restoring Implants - A Comparison & Demonstration of Techniques

V2373              Simple, Inexpensive Implant Placement – Guide or No Guide?

V2388              Simple, Inexpensive Implant Solutions for Edentulous Mandibles

Infection Control

V2452              Infection Control for Every Dental Practice

V2479              Infection Control Techniques – Step-by-Step!

V2407              Preparing for Your Return to Dental Practice in the New COVID-19 World


V3162              Bruxism – Prevention and Treatment

V3104              Occlusal Splints – Predictable, Frequent Use

V3186              Opening Vertical Dimension of Occlusion

V3106              Simple TMD Therapy for Your Practice

V3105              Uncomplicated Occlusal Equilibration

Operative Dentistry

V3501              Making Foolproof Class II Composites

V3582              Mastering Frequent Esthetic Challenges with Resin

V3512              Predictable, Fast, Long-Lasting Composites!

V3522              Rubber Dam - Still the Best Dry-Field Technique!

Oral Medicine

V3969             Common Frustrating Oral Diseases – Diagnosis and Treatment

V3968             Drugs, Bugs, and Dental Products: What to “Prescribe”!

V3995             Local Anesthesia:  Eliminating Misses and Near Misses

V3902             Preparing for Your Next Medical Emergency, Ed 3

V3963             Snoring and Sleep Apnea - Prevention and Treatment

Oral Surgery

V4189              Apicoectomies, Frenectomies, Biopsies, Hemisections & More!

V4181              Atraumatic Removal of Teeth - Erupted and Impacted

V4103              Easy Third-Molar Extractions

V4111              Extraction Techniques for the General Dentist

V4116              Oral Surgery in General Practice


V6306              Practical Orthodontic Procedure for General Dentists


V4346              Easy Crown Lengthening

V4353              Esthetic Gingival Covering of Exposed Crown Margins, 2nd Edition

V4367              Making Suturing Simple

V4323              Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy

V4385              New Soft-Tissue Grafting Alternatives - Time to Change!

V4350              Socket Preservation and Bone Grafting

Practice Management

V4708              50 Useful Clinical Tips in 3 Hours

V4717              Ask the Experts

V4784              Avoiding Common Administrative Errors

V4715              Building Your Ideal Team

V4757              Dr. Christensen’s Clinical Failures and How to Avoid Them, 2nd Edition

V4776              Ergonomics - Reduce or Eliminate Pain from Your Practice Day 

V4766              Get the Money off the Books and into the Bank!

V4794              Multiple Patient Scheduling - Working Smarter, Not Harder

V4790              Preparing for an Easy Practice Transition

V4739              Protecting Your Dental Office from Embezzlement & Fraud

V4733              Protecting Yourself against Malpractice Suits

V4710             Take Your Practice Back:   Survive and Thrive in the New Economy

V4783             Top Insurance Coding Strategies

V4777              Treating the Aging Population – A Frustrating Challenge

V4755              Understanding Dental Concepts, Equipment, Materials, and Techniques

V4793              What Technologies Do YOU Really Need?

Preventive Dentistry

V5165              Customized Mouthguards for Any Sport

V5143              Sealants and Preventive Resin Restorations – When & How

Prosthodontics, Fixed

V1964              Affordable Treatment of Complex Rehabilitative Needs

V1927              Alginate Impressions - Predictable & Accurate

V1934              Complex Oral Rehabilitation

V1928              Effective Provisional Restorations

V1913              Ending the Crown Confusion

V1978              Fast, Accurate, Cost-Effective Digital Impressions

V1980             Foolproof, Fast Single Crown Procedure

V1947              Light Curing Resin for Fast Custom Trays and Repairs

V1925              Optimal Fixed Prosthodontic Tooth Preparations

V1958              Posts, Cores, and Build-Ups – Predictable and Strong

C502A              Pouring and Trimming Casts

V1904              Reliable, Simple Treatment of Cracked Teeth

V1992              Rescuing Failing Fixed Prosthodontic & Direct Restorations

Prosthodontics, Removable

V2549              Making Complete Dentures a “Win-Win” Service

V2551              Predictable Removable Partial Dentures

V2503              Restoration of Complete and Partial Edentulism

The All Access Pass is an annual subscription program.  In the past, we have had requests to substitute the entire video library on DVD for the All Access Pass.  If you wish to purchase our entire current video library, PCC will do a flat 30% discount off the combined DVD retail price.  This offer is only available on purchases of the entire library, and you must call (800) 223-6569 to order.  Some videos do not have a DVD option.  We highly recommend you consider the All Access Pass.  It offers the best value and will be continuously updated as you maintain your subscription for only $999 every year.  Additional savings may be obtained with a multi-user account.  Please contact PCC for details.