Extraction Techniques for the General Dentist 

Efficient, Fast Oral Surgery for GPs

Instructor:  Karl R. Koerner, DDS, MS

Join us from the convenience of your individual home or office for this LIVE interactive course Saturday, Sept 26, 2020

This course covers 10 of the most worrisome complications that can happen while doing “surgical” extractions in general practice and how to avoid or manage them. The first is one of the worst… Taking too much time to remove broad, long canines in dense bone with a tenacious periodontal ligament. Preventing this problem (12 steps or choices) is an unveiled mystery to most GPs.  Knowing how to deal with the other nine complications is similarly needful. Oral surgeons know them all.  Some complications are inter-connected and can compound the situation.  All can be eliminated or mitigated.

 From this presentation, the participant is better able to:

  1. Avoid or manage troublesome complications with exodontia.
  2. Remove difficult teeth more quickly, easily, and predictably.
  3. Refer fewer extractions out of the office.
  4. Have patients more satisfied with the way surgical procedures are done.
  5. Experience less stress while performing surgical extractions.

$295 / Dentist               3 CE Hours

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comments from other live digital courses

Well done, Enjoyed convenience of virtual meeting. The ability to ask questions and have them answered in real time was excellent.

I think the professionals answering chat really added to the quality of the course, it makes a "zoom classroom" much more interactive and valuable.