Simple, Inexpensive Implant Solutions for Edentulous Mandibles

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

What is the most frustrating commonly occurring procedure in dentistry? The patient with a resorbed edentulous mandible! These patients can be treated relatively easily, both surgically and prosthodontically, with either one of two procedures.  Both are well within the typical GP’s potential expertise. In this video, Gordon accomplishes surgical placement of two conventional-diameter implants and also four small-diameter implants in two typical edentulous patients.  He shows the best, easiest prosthodontic materials and techniques AND—the happy patient can usually afford this relatively inexpensive and successful technique. Your patients will appreciate you for doing these procedures for them.

Table of Contents
  • A Dilemma - The Edentulous Mandible
  • Treatment Alternatives for the Edentulous Mandible
  • Advantages of Two Conventional-Diameter Implants for Denture Retention and Stability
  • Clinical Procedure of Two Conventional-Diameter Implants
  • Retrofit Previous Partial Denture
  • Patient Characteristics After Initial Healing
  • Preliminary Impression for Mandibular Denture
  • Try in Denture Wax-Up
  • Seat, Fit, and Adjust Mandibular Denture
  • Advantages of Four Narrow-Diameter Implants for Denture Stability and Retention
  • Clinical Placement of Four Narrow-Diameter Zest Lodi Implants
  • Retrofitting the Mandibular Denture
  • Patient After Healing of the Soft Tissue
  • Final Impression for Rebase
  • Seat, Fit, and Adjust Denture and Occlusion
Video Length: 60 minutes

Item #: V2388

CE Credits: 2

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