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The dental profession is constantly evolving.  Many new products and techniques are being promoted as state-of-the-art.  How do you know if their claims are true?  Every year, we receive over 50,000 questions from practitioners like you.  Our Gordon J. Christensen International Study Club was created to offer quick, easy, consistent educational content for those practitioners who wish to remain on the cutting edge of modern dental practice.

Gordon Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
Gordon Christensen

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The Club Communiqué

Would you like five minutes with Gordon every week?

Study Club members receive our weekly Club Communiqué, where Gordon spends 5 minutes online sharing invaluable education for you and your team.  Each Club Communiqué answers a different question, ranging from clinical techniques, product innovations, optimal team utilization, goal planning, and more!

Not only do you receive answers to 50 new questions each year, but club members also have FREE access to hundreds of past questions in our video archive.

Clinicians Report Foundation receives over 50,000 questions each year

Our Club Communiqué videos answer the most frequently asked questions from practitioners like you. CR Foundation’s research helps our team provide you with the most reliable, unbiased real-world information.

10 CE hours available

PCC Mentor Network  


Have questions? We can help! Along with Dr. Christensen, we have a team that includes our knowledgeable staff, the Clinicians Report Science Team, and our experienced PCC Mentors. The PCC Mentors are successful private practitioners who also help teach in our hands-on CE courses.  Study Club Members are welcome to send in their personal questions.  They will be personally answered by the team member or PCC Mentor that specializes in that subject.

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Paradigm Changes in the Profession

Annual Study Club Course 

Las Vegas: Saturday, September 18, 2021  or

Online Condensed:  Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Joined by his team of CR Scientists, real-world practitioners, and well-known dental educators, Gordon offers our annual study club course, "Paradigm Changes in the Profession".  Participants will enjoy detailed information about the most pertinent advancements of the year.  Experts will provide education in their various fields, with Gordon as the moderator.  Along with the broad education offered, the day will end with a Q&A panel - a participant favorite!

Tuition is included with full study club membership, or you may elect to attend the course only by clicking the link below.   Choose which option works best for you - Vegas or online!

Las Vegas

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  • Weekly Club Communiqués - 5 minutes with Gordon each week!
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  • up to 16 CE

Includes Annual Study Club Course - Sept 18, 2021 in Vegas

or Sept 15, 2021 online


Online-Only Member

  • Weekly Club Communiques - 5 minutes with Gordon each week!
  • Access to Mentor Network
  • Membership Directory
  • Discounts on videos, courses and CR Subscriptions
  • 8 CE

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