Rescuing Failing Fixed Prosthodontic and Direct Restorations

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

Crowns and fixed prostheses are the single most revenue-producing part of a typical general practice, but they are expensive! Wouldn’t you like to make them serve as long as possible? Gordon has numerous rescue techniques that can help! Some rescue procedures are well proven to increase the service potential of restorations, while others are less predictable. This video shows many rescue procedures, including: repairing margin defects on failing crowns, closing open contact areas, esthetic restoration of endo and implant access holes in crowns, inexpensive splinting of mobile teeth, removing implant-supported crowns when there is a loose abutment screw, making low-cost resin crowns, and others!  While restoration salvage may not provide a long-term solution, your patients appreciate your help and will come back for additional treatment when it becomes necessary.

Item #: V1992

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