Achieve your dream team!

Building Your Team

Presenter:  Bob Spiel, MBA

Your team is one of the most important practice assets not listed on your balance sheet!  Investing the effort in building a great team offers enormous benefits.  A team that works well together lowers stress, decreases burnout, improves morale, boosts creativity, increases efficiency, and encourages innovation.  Employees that connect with the workplace are more likely to stay with the company, saving you the costs of high employee turnover.   

Join Bob Spiel and receive the tools you need to Build Your Ideal Team!

  • Make your hiring process effective. Hire the right person the first time!
  • Create transformational job descriptions that define roles, goals, and metrics to clarify expectations and measure performance.
  • Develop the management skills needed to keep your team enthusiastic and creative. 
  • Reduce production loss during new employee training by making it simple and successful.
  • Create a systems-minded, service-driven practice culture that every team member enjoys. 
  • Know how to discipline for genuine change, when needed.
  • Know when all options for employee correction and retention have been made and termination of employment is the best option.

Change your practice and your life as you build your personal dream team!

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From this seminar offered by Bob Spiel:

The 'last chance discussion' with an employee was new and transformative information to learn. I like the use of 'hand the behaviors back to them'.  I found the entire webinar insightful! Thank you.

Dr. Rebecca B.

Clinical excellence is critically important to any practice's success, but the ability of the doctor to lead and inspire his or her team is equally important. A part of every doctor's annual practice budget should be spent on team training because the doctor is only as good as his or her team. This was an outstanding presentation loaded with practical, pertinent, and timely information. Thank you!

Dr. Wayne K.

In 63 years of life, the BEST lecture ... ever!

Dr. George H.

Excellent course and content. Learned a ton of "pearls" to use right now. Also, great words of wisdom from the panel during the presentation too. Thank you to everyone.  

Dr. Ellis L.

I wish I could have taken this seminar 30 years ago.

Dr. Robert M.

No wonder I feel like I am at a plateau after 20 years of practice.   Thank you for some pointers to get me started on a better trajectory!   

Dr. Effie G.