How to Repair and Maintain Fixed Restorations

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

A missing aspect of most dental education experiences is what to do when a fixed restoration fails, but it appears that it can still serve if repaired adequately.  Gordon answers how and when you can salvage restorations to extend their service life.  This valuable DVD includes: salvaging a fixed prosthesis loose on one end, repairing a carious crown margin in an area of esthetic need, esthetically repairing an endodontic access hole in a tooth-colored crown, repairing a fractured ceramic crown or bridge without redoing it, and other repair techniques.  Patients really appreciate your suggestion and ability to salvage fixed restorations that appear to be salvageable. Such concern on your part is a genuine practice and trust builder.

Table of Contents
  • Repair or Re-do?
  • Repair of Endo Access Holes
  • Remove Cemented Single-Tooth Restoration (Metal or PFM)
  • Remove Cemented Multiple-Tooth Restoration (Metal or PFM)
  • Remove Cemented Zirconia or Lithium Disilicate Restorations
  • Repairing Restoration Margin
  • Removing Broken-Off or Loose Post in Endo Treated Tooth
  • Salvaging a Crown or FPD Broken Off from Abutment Teeth
  • Repair Broken Ceramic of PFM Restoration with Composite
  • Repair Broken Ceramic of PFM with Overcrown
  • Closing Open Contact Areas
  • Covering Exposed Crown Margins
  • Taking Crown off Loose Implant Abutment
  • Removal of Broken Abutment Screw
  • Repairing Carious Abutment Tooth
  • Remove Defective Root on Multi-Abutment FPD
  • Gingival Irritation at Restoration Margins
  • Salvaging FPD Loose on One End
  • Fees for Repairs
  • Expected Longevity of Repairs

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