Dental Assisting Package:  $399

  • V4745 - Dental Assisting for Posterior Restorations
  • V4714 - Effective Use of Four-Handed and Six-Handed Dentistry
  • V4748 - Essentials of Effective Dental Assisting

Add bonus CE title for $99 more

V1928 - Effective Provisional Restorations

Occlusion Package:  $399

  • V3186 - Opening Vertical Dimension of Occlusion
  • V3162 - Bruxism - Prevention and Treatment
  • V3105 - Uncomplicated Occlusal Equilibration

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V3104 - Occlusal Splints - Predictable, Frequent Use

Office Administration Package:  $399

  • V4794 - Multiple Patient Scheduling - Working Smarter, Not Harder
  • V4784 - Avoiding Common Administrative Errors
  • V4739 - Protecting Your Dental Office from Embezzlement & Fraud

Add bonus CE title for $99 more

V4766 - Get the Money off the Books and into the Bank!

Removable Prosthodontics Package:  $399

  • V2549 - Making Complete Dentures a "Win-Win" Service
  • V2551 - Predictable Removable Partial Dentures
  • V2503 - Restoration of Complete and Partial Edentulism

Add bonus CE title for $99 more

V1947 - Light Curing Resin for Fast Custom Trays and Repairs

Oral Surgery Package:  $399

  • V4181 - Atraumatic Removal of Teeth - Erupted and Impacted
  • V4103 - Easy Third-Molar Extractions
  • V4367 - Making Suturing Simple

Add bonus CE title for $99 more

V4189 - Apicoectomies, Frenectomies, Biopsies, Hemisections, & More

Fixed Prosthodontics Package:  $399

  • V1904 - Reliable, Simple Treatment of Cracked Teeth
  • V1921 - Cementing Restorations - Proven & Successful!
  • V1980 - Foolproof, Fast Single Crown Procedures

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V1992 - Rescuing Failing Fixed Prosthodontic & Direct Restorations

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All Access Pass

All-Access Pass members receive the following:

  • Streaming access to every active CE video, currently over 70 videos. (Over $12,400 value, if purchased separately)
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Does PCC offer discounts to students and new graduates?

New Graduate Discounts

Exclusive discounts for Students and New Graduates from 0-5 years out of dental school are available.  For a listing of all discounts available to New Grads, click here.

2022 Gordon's Choice New Grad Package

20 CE hours

2021 On-Demand Course Package

22 CE

2022 On-Demand Course Package

16 CE