Foolproof, Fast Single Crown Procedure

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

After doing tens of thousands of crowns himself, Gordon has developed a conventional technique that is nearly foolproof.  Thirty percent of your gross revenue is from crowns, and 90% of crowns are singles.  Scanning and in-office milling are great, but most dentists are still doing conventional procedures and having the lab scan the impressions and make the restorations.  Let Gordon show you the best, well-proven materials, devices, and techniques that make this procedure predictable and accomplished in just minutes.  You need a foolproof conventional procedure for many of your crowns! This video will help!

Table of Contents
  • Importance of Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Productive "Real-World" Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Tasks of the Dentist and Assistant During the Procedure
  • Crown Fabrication Accomplished In-Office or In-Laboratory
  • A Comparison of Crown Types
  • Patient Introduction and Shade Selection
  • Impression for Provisional Restoration
  • Anesthetic
  • Fillers, Build-Ups, or Nothing?
  • Tooth Preparation
  • Tissue Management & Filler Placement
  • Conventional Impression
  • Digital Impression
  • In-Office CAD/CAM
  • Laboratory
  • Patient Introduction: Dr. Larry Noble
  • Clean Tooth Preparation & Disinfection and Desensitization
  • Cements
  • Cementing Fixed Prostheses
  • Postoperative Follow-Up and Recare Appointment
  • Conclusion
Video Length: 60 minutes

Item #: V1980

CE Credits: 2

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