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New Graduate Streaming Subscription

With the integration of streaming, we have introduced an annual subscription available exclusively for students and new graduates (0-5 years out of school).  Each year, Gordon selects new titles for subscribers (sorry, no substitutions). Access to these video titles will be available for 12 months of your subscription date.  As a subscriber, you will be able to take the CE tests for credit - up to 20 hours of CE! 

New Graduate Subscription - 2020 Catalog


 Diagnosis & Treatment of Failing Implants (V2391)


 Treating the Aging Population - A Frustrating Challenge (V4777)


 Simple, Inexpensive Implant Solutions for Edentulous Mandibles (V2388)


 Dental Assisting for Posterior Restorations (V4745) 


 Protecting Your Dental Office from Embezzlement & Fraud (V4739)


 Mastering Frequent Esthetic Challenges with Resin (V3582)


 Atraumatic Removal of Teeth - Erupted and Impacted (V4181)


 Optimal Fixed Prosthodontic Tooth Preparations (V1925)


 Opening Vertical Dimension of Occlusion (V3186)


 Foolproof, Fast Single Crown Procedure (V1980)

 12-month access begins at date of purchase.  2020 subscription may not be purchased after December 2, 2020.  


Proof of current student or graduate status must be sent to PCC at within 5 business days. Without proof of status, your subscription will be cancelled and you will be refunded the purchase price less a $159 administrative fee. Proof of status includes:  Photocopy or picture of your diploma, official copy of your class schedule, copy of current student ID.