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Gordon's Choice - Streaming Subscription for New Graduates

With the integration of streaming, we have introduced an annual subscription available exclusively for students and new graduates (0-5 years out of school).  Each year, Gordon selects new titles for subscribers (sorry, no substitutions). Access to these video titles will be available for 12 months following your subscription.  As a subscriber, you will be able to take the CE tests for credit - up to 20 hours of CE! 

2021 "Gordon's Choice" Package


 Ceramic Veneers, State-of-the-Art (V1571)


 Multiple Patient Scheduling - Working Smarter, Not Harder (V4794)


 New Soft-Tissue Grafting Alternatives (V4385)


 Apicoectomies, Frenectomies, Biopsies, Hemisections, & More! (V4189) 


 Affordable Treatment of Complex Rehabilitative Needs (V1964)


 Making Complete Dentures a "Win-Win" Service (V2549)


 Optimizing Dental Hygiene to the Next Level (V4799)


 Bruxism - Prevention and Treatment (V3162)


 Local Anesthetic: Eliminating Misses and Near Misses (V3995)


 Top 10 Revenue Producing Expanded Functions (V4700)


Proof of current student or graduate status must be sent to PCC at within 5 business days. Without proof of status, your subscription will be cancelled and you will be refunded the purchase price less a $159 administrative fee. Proof of status includes:  Photocopy or picture of your diploma, official copy of your class schedule, copy of current student ID.