The Dental Documents Booklet, Edition 7

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Many dentists want patient informational forms for their patients, but finding the time to create them is almost impossible.  Over the years, we have received many requests for copies of the forms Gordon uses in his private prosthodontic practice.  In response to these demands, we created our Dental Documents Booklet.

The Dental Documents Booklet provides excellent templates for pre/post-treatment education sheets and informed consent forms. Over 80 pages of documents have been developed and used in Gordon’s own clinical practice. These take-home informational pages are invaluable aids for you to customize for your practice, or for you to use as shown in the booklet.  Now in its 7th edition, many past purchasers have expressed how much time this booklet has saved them in producing their own practice forms.Every form has been updated to reflect today’s current concepts, technology, and techniques. Electronic copies of all the forms are also included on one convenient flash drive.

Item #: BOK7