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We call ourselves Practical Clinical Courses for a reason - all our educational courses and DVDs offer pragmatic, instantly useful information. For over 30 years, PCC has specialized in offering non-biased, useful, affordable, practical education that can be implemented immediately.

As a new graduate, you are at an exciting stage of your career.  You may be establishing your own practice, working as an associate with an established dentist, or purchasing a mature practice.  You have probably found that although you learned many excellent concepts in school, you would like more information and updates.  Our videos and courses will help you as you pursue your educational goals and, as a new graduate, you are eligible for exclusive programs and discounts.

Hands-on Courses

New graduates may attend any of our in-person hands-on courses at 50% off regular tuition.  This discount is available to graduates up to and including 5 years out of dental school.  Each class has only 5 spaces available for new grads to attend at 50% off. New Graduates must register by phone to receive discount.  Please contact PCC at (800) 223-6569 to confirm space is available. 

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Virtual Courses

New graduates may register for 3-hour virtual courses at 50% off regular tuition if you register for the LIVE date.  The 2-day virtual courses are NOT available at 50% off because tuition was already reduced for all dentists by 50%.    

A 10-course package that includes all 2020 3-hour courses will save you an additional 30% off the 2020 virtual course schedule, and offer you 1-year to watch all courses on-demand after the live date.

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With the integration of video streaming, PCC has created an annual subscription exclusive to students and new graduates.  We have selected some of our highly rated CE videos that will best enhance your practice activities.  You receive 20 CE credits at almost 70% off the combined individual retail price.  It is an affordable way to sample a broad range of our video education. 

For more information or to subscribe, click the link below.

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Study Club

New Graduates may sign up for the Gordon J. Christensen International Study Club at 50% off regular pricing.  This discount is available to graduates up to and including 5 years out of dental school. To receive this discount, new Graduates must subscribe by phone, please contact PCC at (800) 223-6569.

For more information about our International Study Club, click the link below.

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Thank you and we look forward to helping you pursue your educational goals!