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May 2019
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New Release:

Multiple Patient Scheduling - Working Smarter, Not Harder

Multiple Patient Scheduling

Featuring Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

Efficient multiple patient scheduling is the answer to increased productivity without sacrificing service.  With a motivated and organized team, multiple patients can be treated at the same time producing more prevention and treatment. The concept requires a true team effort. Somebody has to be the “quarterback”—the front-desk scheduler. Somebody must coordinate the clinical activity—the lead dental assistant. In larger practices, there must be cross-trained staff who are interested and educated to accomplish expanded clinical functions.  Finally, the dentist is the coach and provides organization and leadership.

This video demonstrates how multiple patient scheduling can produce a motivated and excited team that will offer better service to your patients. 

2 CE Hours     |      Available DVD or Streaming

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Gordon J. Christensen - Practical Clinical Courses

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Dental Documents

Many dentists want patient informational forms for their patients, but finding the time to create them is almost impossible.  Over the years, we have received many requests for copies of the forms Gordon uses in his private prosthodontic practice.  In response to these demands, we created our Dental Documents Booklet.

The Dental Documents Booklet provides excellent templates for pre/post-treatment education sheets and informed consent forms. Over 80 pages of documents have been developed and used in Gordon’s own clinical practice. These take-home informational pages are invaluable aids for you to customize for your practice, or for you to use as shown in the booklet.  Now in its 7th edition, many past purchasers have expressed how much time this booklet has saved them in producing their own practice forms.Every form has been updated to reflect today’s current concepts, technology, and techniques. Electronic copies of all the forms are also included on one convenient flash drive.

Booklet & USB drive:  $129

video patient education

Our patient education series will help you increase treatment plan acceptance and assist you in fulfilling the conditions of legal informed consent. This is one of the easiest patient education tools available today! With our incredibly simple 23-topic video series, you can offer your patients simple, easy-to-understand video education. new to version 5, English Closed Captioning has been added.  Enjoy a quiet waiting area and still be able to offer education to your patients.  

Our digital files are the same videos as included in the DVD, digitized and compressed.  They can be loaded on your practice’s individual workstations, servers, iPads, – any machine that plays MP4 files.  PCC does not charge for multi-user licensing, one copy is enough for your entire practice! 

DVD or Digital Files:  $499

Oral Surgery Secrets

Oral Surgery Secrets

Many principles and techniques included in this course are those currently taught in oral surgery residency programs.

Jun 14-15, 2019
(Friday, Saturday)
15 CE
7 spaces left
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Restorative Dentistry 2 - Fixed Prosthodontics

fixed pros

You cannot find a course with a better value than this one!

Oct 4-5, 2019
(Friday, Saturday)
15 CE
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Implant Surgery - Level 1

FAster, easier dentistry

Join Gordon Christensen for this practical, effective introduction to implant surgery. 

Sept 20-21, 2019
(Friday, Saturday)
15 CE
9 spaces left
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