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Q346 The importance of obtaining FAGD and MAGD

Importance of organized dentistry and obtaining FAGD and MAGD?

Gordon and Barbara Mauldin, PCC Mentor and past state ADA president, discuss the reasoning and benefits for continued education and earning a Fellowship or Mastership through the Academy of General Dentistry. 

5 min 43 sec

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CE videos related to this week's question:

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Gordon J. Christensen International Study Club

oral surgery

Simplified 3rd Molar Impactions – Indications, Procedures, Complications

Are you removing some third-molar impactions?  When and at what age should impacted third molars be removed and when should they not be removed?  When and how do you do an operculectomy? When should there be a coronectomy? Should you have a cone beam CT? When and how do you make the incisions, and should there be a release incision?  If so, where?  What are the potential clinical challenges?  These are some of the questions answered by Dr. Koerner in this course. If you want to include these procedures in your practice, join us to learn the principles and procedures and how to perform them according to established standards. Dr. Koerner shares how to evaluate indications for third-molar removal, potential difficulty, and successfully treat in your practice or refer if needed. 

For many years, Dr. Koerner has written books and articles, filmed instructional videos, and taught hands-on courses on third-molar surgery.  His courses have been immensely popular with PCC participants. We are excited to include this all-new course for any practitioner looking to expand or perfect the oral surgical procedures offered in his or her practice.

15 CE - Hands-on Course in Provo, Utah
Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2022 (Friday, Saturday)  
Study Club members save 20% off course tuition - More info / Register today


Implant Surgery 1

Implant 1


Instructor: Gordon Christensen

Sept 16-17, 2022 (Fri, Sat)
more info

Fixed Prosthodontics



Instructor: Gordon Christensen

Oct 21-22, 2022 (Fri, Sat)
more info




Instructor: David Wright

Oct 28-29, 2022 (Fri, Sat)
more info
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