Efficient & Smart Endodontics for General Practitioners

Efficient, Fast Oral Surgery for GPs

Instructor:  John West, DDS, MSD

The fastest way to grow your dental practice is to “see” and “do” more dental needs for your existing patients.  Endodontist Dr. John West will teach you the “Seeing” and the “How To” of The Three Endodontic Skills that you can immediately apply to grow your practice TODAY.

In three hours, you will be able to do more, better, safer, and highly predictable endodontic treatment in the dental discipline that requires the least amount of overhead, has the greatest control, and gives you instant patient and personal satisfaction.  Endodontics is the most profitable part of dentistry at this critical moment as practices are facing an avalanche of patients presenting with toothaches and endodontic lesions that you can treat with confidence.  John’s teaching skills are so unique that you will experience both a mental and technical shift in “Finding” all canals, “Following” all canals, and “Finishing” all canals.  You will learn the skills of the “Endo Endgame” regardless of your stage of practice.

Here is John’s promise to you: “Give me three hours and I will give you the Three Essential Skills that will change your experience of practicing and performing endodontics.”  And your endodontics will be FUN because you will know exactly what to do and what to do differently if you get off track on the road to predictable outcomes.

$295 / Dentist             $50 / Auxiliary      3 CE Hours

Saturday, Oct 24, 2020

Start Time:   9am Mountain (11am Eastern, 10am Central, 8am Pacific)

End Time:   Noon Mountain (2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, 11am Pacific)

LIVE Registration Closed - Course Recording Available 

comments from THIS digital course

I enjoyed it all, especially the live demonstrations.

Very good. Informative . Will definitely change my endo treatment of my patients in a good way.