Streaming - Top Ten Revenue-Producing Expanded Functions

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

In most general practices, dental service potential is limited to the procedures that can be produced by the dentist’s two hands. Would you like to do more?  Third-party payment companies have significantly reduced dentist income. How can you overcome this challenge? Why not increase the services produced by increasing the number of clinical hands?   Gordon has long supported the legal expansion of clinical responsibilities for educated/trained staff personnel.  The following are some of the clinical tasks that can be delegated to staff (where legal), motivating them while producing more services and revenue simultaneously: athletic mouthguards, tooth desensitization, occlusal splints, diagnostic data collection, preventive appointments for high-caries patients, periodontal antibiotics, restoration placement, sealants, snore appliances, tooth whitening, and others.  Incorporating only a few of these procedures can double your clinical services!

Item #: V4700