Light Curing Resin for Fast Custom Trays and Repairs

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD; Valinda Johnston, CDA; Suzanne Kamler, CDA

Would you like to reduce your impression material cost by one-half and have near total predictability in the accuracy of your fixed and removable elastomer impressions? These desirable goals are readily achievable by using custom light-cured resin trays for your impressions. Additionally, by using the same light-curing concept, you may make fast and easy denture repairs, denture relines, and accomplish numerous other frequently needed procedures. This video shows step-by-step fabrication of custom trays by qualified staff persons, as well as denture repairs and relines. This video will reduce the cost of the described procedures, excite your staff when they will learn and accomplish new techniques, and better serve your patients.

Table of Contents

  • Why Use Light Curing Resin Materials?
  • Team Members Using Light Curing Materials
  • Comparison of Light Curing Materials with Other Alternatives
  • Limitations of Light Curing Materials
  • Impression Trays for Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Impression Trays for Complete Dentures
  • Impression Trays for RPDs
  • Denture Repairs
  • Replacing a Tooth in a Denture
  • Placement of a Post-Dam
  • Relining a RPD
  • Relining a Complete Denture
  • Provisional Crowns & Fixed Prostheses
  • Occlusion Rims (Bite-Blocks)
  • Esthetic & Functional Upgrades for Prostheses

Item #: V1947

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