Essentials of Effective Dental Assisting, 2nd Edition

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD; Valinda Johnston, CDA; Suzanne Kamler, CDA

Our best-selling video of all time has been completely revised!  What are the characteristics of an optimum dental assistant? They are well-known among dentists and can be developed by interested dental assistants with some effort. When a dental assistant develops the overall personal characteristics described in detail in this DVD, every dentist is pleased and happy, patients are better served, and practices are more productive.  Many concepts are included, ranging from accepting responsibility and carrying it out, developing influential public relations ability, planning ahead, being organized, and constantly improving skills.  Dental assistants with the personal characteristics demonstrated and discussed in this presentation are sought by all dentists and are employable anywhere.

Table of Contents

  • Organization of the Dental Assistant Team
  • Lead Dental Assistant Responsibilities
  • Assigning Specific Responsibilities and Cross Training
  • Education for Dental Assistants
  • Qualifying to be a CDA, RDA, or EFDA
  • Dental Assistant Organizations
  • Ongoing Cleanliness of Office
  • Infection Control
  • Organization, Recording, and Supervision of Supplies and Equipment
  • Maintenance & Repair of Equipment
  • Patient Records
  • Setting-Up Operatories
  • Patient Education
  • Assisting Dentist
  • Learning & Using the Best Clinical Assisting Positions & Actions
  • Cleaning
  • Closing Office at End of Treatment Day
  • Expanded Functions

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CE Credits: 2

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