Effective Use of Four-Handed & Six-Handed Dentistry

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD; Valinda Johnston, CDA & Benette Galloway, DA

Are you using your dental assisting staff efficiently and effectively?  Watch Gordon and two highly skilled, experienced and effective assistants accomplish both four and six-handed dentistry. Subjects included are:

  1. Optimum operatory design and organization
  2. Working efficiently in an ergonomic environment
  3. Operatory, instrument, and tray set-up and clean-up
  4. Instrument grasps and correct instrument transfer principles
  5. Correct and efficient use of operating lights and suction
  6. How to optimize both four-handed and six-handed operation
  7. The comparative productivity of four-handed and six-handed dentistry

This video will increase not only the productivity of your practice, but also the quality of your services. You can develop a true clinical TEAM!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Operatory Design
  • Sterilization & Tray Set-Up
  • Cleaning Up the Operatory
  • Instrument Positioning & Transfer
  • Operating Light
  • The Use of Suction
  • Organization & Cleanliness
  • Six-Handed Dentistry
  • Tasks to be Shared by Two Assistants
  • Positioning for the Additional Assistant
  • Clinical comparison of 4-handed and 6-handed Dentistry

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