DVD - Occlusal Splints – Predictable, Frequent Use

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD & Karen Preston, RDH

Serve your patients better by preventing tooth wear and potential legal activity.  Up to one-third of your patients should have an occlusal splint to treat bruxism/clenching, TMD, or other occlusal conditions.   Occlusal splints are an excellent, staff-oriented, reversible way to augment occlusal therapy.  Gordon discusses the key elements of occlusion related to splints, presents the advantages and disadvantages of various splints and the theories for each splint type.  Also included is a step-by-step demonstration of a full-arch maxillary splint from working cast to the final seating.  Gordon offers practice administration suggestions about occlusal therapy and recommendations to encourage staff involvement and third-party payment.  See how you and your staff can easily make splints and incorporate splint therapy into your practice today! 

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Video Length: 60 minutes

Item #: V3104

CE Credits: 2