DVD - Maxillofacial Digital Radiography - Simplified

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD & Karen Preston, RDH

Dental radiography has changed significantly and is in a state of explosive growth! Digital radiography offers simplicity, low radiation, high storage capability, and the ability to maximize image quality. Digital radiographs are an excellent patient education aid, leading to high patient acceptance of proposed treatment. Observe techniques to produce optimum intraoral and extraoral digital images demonstrated by an experienced dental hygienist-radiologist and Gordon. Increase your ability to use digital sensors, image enhancing concepts, both intraoral vs. extraoral images including extraoral bite-wings, and effective organization and storage of images. Digital radiography and the numerous techniques to produce and enhance radiographic images are among the most important advances in dentistry in the last 25 years!

Item #: V1135

CE Credits: 2