DVD - Get the Money off the Books and into the Bank!

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Lois Banta & Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

You know the difficulty to accomplish this task! Let us help you simplify it!  Are your Accounts Receivables out of control? Do the reports for your insurance (benefit) claims weigh more than your desk? In this presentation see how to develop and implement proven systems to collect the money owed to you, and design systems for collecting without looking like a “bad guy”.  Learn effective communication skills, collection strategies, how to track insurance claims and accounts receivable, and how to reduce legal and malpractice challenges by correct coding and collection follow-up.  Keeping your Accounts Receivable under control gives your practice the financial stability to grow and innovate. You and your administrative staff need this DVD today!

Video Length: 60 minutes

Item #: V4766

CE Credits: 2