Streaming - Socket Preservation and Bone Grafting

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

A tooth extraction without socket grafting produces up to 60% shrinkage of bone as the hard and soft tissues heal. In the “smile zone,” this defect causes a significant esthetic challenge.  You and your patients will appreciate the esthetic and functional advantages of socket grafting.  There are many materials available for simple, fast, predictable grafting. When patients are educated about the desirability of socket grafting, most accept the procedure. Whether you are planning an implant when the socket heals or placing a pontic in the location of the healed socket, grafting is a proven and desirable procedure. Included in this presentation are: grafting materials, membranes, and step-by-step easy procedures. Patients will appreciate having this procedure done, if you only tell them about it. Make socket grafting a routine part of your practice!

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