Streaming - Simplified Implant Surgery

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

Placement of implants can be uncomplicated for healthy patients who have adequate bone!  About ¾ of adults have lost at least one tooth. Placement of implants and restoring them with crowns or fixed prostheses has become state-of-the-art.  Are you ready to incorporate implant placement into your practice or refine your current implant placement procedures? Many clinical situations can and should be treated by any interested dentist who has taken the time to receive adequate education to accomplish the surgery. This DVD will motivate you to incorporate implant surgery into your practice or to refine your current surgery procedures.

Using a simple implant system makes the procedure much easier and understandable. This video includes detailed, hands-on, close-up video images of Gordon using the Neoss system.  See diagnosis, treatment planning, implant placement, abutment selection and restoration in this concise one-hour presentation.  You can do this procedure in YOUR practice if you have interest in the surgical portions of implant dentistry! 

Item #: V2344