Streaming - Efficient Diagnostic Data Collection by Auxiliaries

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD & Staff

See how your staff can easily increase practice efficiency and patient treatment plan acceptance. This concept not only benefits your practice, but also increases job satisfaction and self-esteem among staff members. Dentists can accomplish complete diagnostic appointments, but this activity often consumes too much valuable dentist treatment time. This video shows use of qualified, educated staff persons spending up to one-hour with new patients to collect about 20 categories of diagnostic information.

The dentist greets the patient. The staff person legally accomplishes the data collection, assesses and offers appropriate patient education. Then, the dentist meets alone with the staff person to review and discuss the patient needs and desires.  The dentist observes the collected data, meets with the patient, and presents the treatment plans. Most patients accept the plan on this appointment, and treatment is started on the next appointment. Complete treatment planning assisted by staff participation ensures patient understanding, staff empowerment, and practice success!

Item #: V1136