Streaming - Drugs, Bugs, and Dental Products: What to “Prescribe”!

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Peter Jacobsen, PhD, DDS & Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

Patients have oral problems you have a variety of pharmacological solutions.  Which one(s) do you use, when, and why? All these questions are answered in this fast-moving video presentation that focuses on the practical application of Dental Pharmacology and the effective use of over-the-counter dental products.

Subjects included on the DVD: treatment of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections; determining when and why to use prophylactic antibiotics; simple ways to treat canker sores and herpes; controlling pain with drugs; and the most effective over–the-counter dental drugs in numerous categories. Drs. Jacobsen and Christensen also identify the 3 dental drugs you should NOT use in order to avoid 99% of drug interactions.   This presentation will make handling the pharmaceutical needs in your practice easier and more effective.

Item #: V3968