Streaming - Class II Composite Resins Can Be Predictable, Non-Sensitive, and Profitable

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Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

Are you satisfied with your results with every day, “bread and butter” class II composites?  This DVD shows the newest and best materials and techniques for class II resin-based composites, including new bonding agents and the best-performing composites as researched by Clinicians Report. There are few situations as disappointing and frustrating as when a patient calls complaining of postoperative tooth sensitivity after you have placed a resin restoration. This video emphasizes small, easy tooth preparations; predictable tooth desensitization using chemicals and liners; use of the best composite brands; foolproof fast finishing, and easy occlusal equilibration. With proper planning, class II composite restorations can be placed in minimum time, without sensitivity, and with optimum revenue for the practice.

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Item #: V3554