Preparing for Your Return to Dental Practice in the New COVID-19 World

Instructor:  Rella P. Christensen, RDH, PhD

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Rella Christensen is a practicing dental clinician who is also a well-respected microbiologist. In her fast-moving program, see how you and your team can prevent unnecessary exposure and maximize Infection Control effectiveness.  This program is based on clinically relevant, repeated microbiology testing by the TRAC division of Clinicians Report Foundation (CR).*   TRAC tests and validates the information on all products and procedures mentioned, including critical vaccines, face masks, air quality, gloves, and surface disinfectants.  Know the answers to these important questions before you return to practice:

  • Which products and procedures are reliable and which items may be scams?
  • How can you boost your immune system?
  • How can you control dental office aerosols?
  • Why are viruses more of a concern than bacteria?
  • Which disinfectants kill fast, broad-spectrum, and in clinical human fluids?
  • How can you properly use disinfectants to get microbe kill?
  • Which personal barriers are the best for dental practice, and how do you take them off after use without contaminating yourself?

$295   Streaming Video            3 CE Hours

CR is a non-profit, educational research institute.  It is not owned in whole or in part by any individual, family, or group of investors. This system, free of outside funding, was designed to keep CR's research objective and candid.

from our viewers

Great program! Extremely important and time-sensitive information.

Linda H. 

It was informative, scientific and just phenomenal!!!

Padmalekha B.

Thank you! Very happy with content.  Not sugar coated, down to the point. Thank you!

Carla G.

Great presentation. Honestly, 3 hours flew by. Thanks so much.

User Dlee2

First COVID webinar I have done that was worth the time. Thanks, Rella!

Larry H.

Great course, and I’m glad she covered why you use those two virus/bacteria models. That makes sense. I wondered at first. Excellent and comprehensive! Beautiful work!

Danielle P.

Rella did a phenomenal job! Very thought provoking. We are having zoom meetings with our team to discuss the implications of her recommendations.

Jay C.

Thank you so much Rella. My team enjoyed the presentation last Saturday.  Being included helped us stay together as a team, which is tricky now. May we all stay healthy and ready to serve..

Denise M.