Stop the Occlusion Confusion!

There is constant conflict among dental practitioners about which occlusion philosophy / theory / concept is most correct. While there are many ways to reach the same goal, Gordon has developed the best educational tools for easy occlusal mastery.

Take advantage of Gordon's 40+ years of experience. Learn some of the tips and tricks to make occlusion simple.

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Making Occlusion Work For Your Practice

What is fact and what is fiction in occlusion? What works? What information is nice to know, but useless from a pragmatic standpoint? Is occlusion a necessary aspect of dentistry?   Concepts and techniques shared can ensure your rehabilitative treatment has the longevity it deserves, can reduce patient pain, and extend the life of your patient's natural dentition.  Know the best essential occlusal services, broaden your practice orientation, and incorporate occlusion into your practice today.  

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Simplifying Complex Treatment

Many patients have extensive oral rehabilitative needs, but do not have financial wherewithal for a total rehabilitation at one time.  Gordon shares how to best accomplish incremental treatment, spread over several years, at a cost most average-income patients can afford.  

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Is occlusal adjustment always needed after a rebase?

What is the best way to duplicate vertical dimension of occlusion for a patient needing an immediate denture?