Gordon and Rella Christensen know how concerned you are with the best practices for infection control when you return to practice.  We have 2 excellent resources for you! Combined, these two titles will help you and your team review your current infection control standards and identify if upgrades are necessary.

Featuring:  Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

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Featuring: Rella P. Christensen, RDH, PhD and Professional Staff

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Yes, we know, this is a disagreeable subject, but it can prove to be relatively simple and highly important!  Can understanding infection control be easy? Can the principles and materials be uncomplicated to implement? This presentation simplifies the major, essential areas of infection control including: the best types and brands of gloves, face masks that actually filter well, disinfecting instruments, the most adequate sterilizers and sterilizing techniques and devices; decontaminating surfaces in your office, how to keep your hands healthy, protecting your eyes, and keeping all of these tasks financially feasible.  This presentation provides simple, easily understood materials, devices, and guidelines to protect you, your staff, and your patients.

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Included are demonstrations of the steps needed to make infection control fast and effective. The best concepts that simplify and increase effectiveness are also presented. Step-by-step, "how to" demos include: instrument management with and without cassettes, handpiece sterilization, x-ray asepsis, fast and safe environmental surface disinfection, hand care, correction of unit waterline contamination, waste management, housekeeping, personal protection, barrier use and disposal, best ways to prepare and transport lab work, OSHA-related requirements, and many other highly practical topics covering the basics of infection control. This video focuses on aseptic techniques.  This video is the gold standard for developing safe aseptic routines in your practice.

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