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Q191 What's new in tooth whitening?

What is new in tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening has evolved significantly in the last 30 years.  What used to be a time-consuming and operatory-consuming experience has now become a dental auxiliary driven, patient at-home treatment.  Gordon and Tim Palmer of Clinicians Report share the newest materials and techniques for in-office and at-home tooth whitening and when each would be beneficial.

5 min  29 sec

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Gordon J. Christensen International Study Club


complex treatment needs

Affordable Treatment of Complex Rehabilitative Needs

Featuring: Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

You face these patients every practice day!They are usually middle-aged patients who are finally in a financial situation that allows some elective spending, but does not allow the expense of a total rehabilitation.  A complete rehabilitation can cost a patient the same amount as a fine automobile and very few average income patients can afford such expenditure all at once.  Gordon shows clinical demonstrations on a patient using a segmented treatment plan that allows accomplishment of an oral rehabilitation at a cost that most average income patients can afford.  The following subjects are included: logical treatment planning for segments of the rehabilitation, treating the esthetically challenging areas first and then progressing from the worst to least challenging areas. All materials, devices, and techniques are shown.  You can implement the sequential rehabilitative concept as soon as you view this video. After learning their oral condition can be improved within their financial means, your patients will be excited to begin treatment immediately!

New Video Release - 2 CE

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Creating Endodontic Excellence

Endo excellence

Instructor: Cliff Ruddle

Oct 25-26, 2019
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Restorative Dentistry 2: Fixed Prosthodontics

fixed pros

Instructor: Gordon Christensen

Oct 4-5, 2019
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Oral Surgery Secrets 2

Oral Surgery Secrets


Instructor: Karl Koerner

Oct 18-19, 2019
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