Infection Control For TODAY!

Instructor:  Rella Christensen, PhD

Join us from the convenience of your individual home or office for this LIVE course Saturday, Jun 17, 2023

Rella Christensen has been a practicing dental clinician and is a research microbiologist. In her fast-moving program, see how you and your team can prevent unnecessary personal exposure and maximize infection control effectiveness for your patients and all who enter the office. 

This program is based on clinically relevant, repeated microbiology testing by TRAC Research.  This research validates and demonstrates the information on the products and procedures that will be discussed, including new surface disinfectants, antimicrobial oral rinses, face masks, air quality, critical vaccines, and much more.  At the conclusion of the program, you will be able to:

  • List products and procedures with demonstrated effectiveness. 
  • Discuss why viruses are of critical concern today.
  • List disinfectant brands that kill fast, broad-spectrum, and in the presence of your patient’s body fluids.
  • List personal barrier designs that are effective and practical for everyday use.
  • Describe steps you can use to maintain maximum daily health.

The information in this program is state-of-the-art and will help you and your staff!

Discounted for active AGD Members

$236 Dentist (Normally $295)     |   $50 Auxiliary      3 CE Hours

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Start Time:   8am Mountain (10am Eastern, 9am Central, 7am Pacific)

End Time:   11am Mountain (1pm Eastern, noon Central, 10am Pacific)

LIVE course registration closes one hour before lecture

comments from Previous PCC Virtual Course WITH RELLA

Thank you! Very happy with content.  Not sugar coated, down to the point. Thank you!  

Great course, and I’m glad she covered why you use those two virus/bacteria models. That makes sense. I wondered at first. Excellent and comprehensive! Beautiful work!

I think the professionals answering chat really added to the quality of the course, it makes a "zoom classroom" much more interactive and valuable.

It was informative, scientific and just phenomenal!!!

Rella did a phenomenal job! Very thought provoking.

I truly enjoyed the format.  It may be the future of CE.