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It's the Holidays!

While we take a pause from our weekly Communiques these next 2 weeks to enjoy the holiday season, members of the International Study Club receive access to the following 60-minute video:


You restore implants routinely. Are you pleased with the results, or are there better, faster, easier and less expensive alternatives?  At last, placement and restoration of dental implants has become a relatively routine part of dental practice. However, there are changes that occur routinely as related to research findings. This video includes methods to attach both fixed and removable prostheses to implants. Attachment acceptability of crowns, fixed prostheses, and removable partial and complete prostheses varies considerably related to the type of attachment. Some are best with strongly fixed attachments, while others are best with resilient attachments. The attachments not only vary significantly in their clinical success, they are different in the difficulty or ease of placement, their long-term acceptability, and importantly, their long-term cost to both dentist and patient.  Update yourself on the current state-of-the-art on implant restoration. This video will guide your decisions.   

Featuring  Dr. Gordon Christensen, this video release will be available to Study Club members to stream FREE until January 2, 2020. 

2 CE credits are available, must take test (located under "My CE Tests" in your account page) by January 2, 2020.

  You must login to www.pccdental.com  

1. After logging in, on the left-side menu, select "My Videos" 

2. Click the video title "Restoring Implants - A Comparison of Techniques"

3. Enjoy!

Thank you for your continued, enthusiastic support of the Gordon Christensen International Study Club.  We look forward to serving you in the New Year!

Happy Holidays,



Optimal Perio2

Instructors:  Jon Suzuki, DDS, PhD, MBA  & Kevin Suzuki, DMD, MSD

You have patients that can benefit from the addition of periodontal procedures in your practice!  Examples of simple periodontal procedures include bone grafting, ridge preservation, crown lengthening, periodontal flap surgery, and mucogingival surgery.  Incorporation of many of these procedures will increase the success of subsequent implant placement, promote retention of natural dentition where possible, and improve overall gingival esthetics. 

Join Drs. Suzuki for this highly practical, immediately useful hands-on periodontal course!

April 3-4, 2020 (Friday, Saturday)   |    15 CE  Hands-on

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Implant Surgery - Level 1


Implant Surgery - Level 1
Instructor: Gordon J. Christensen
Feb 28-29, 2019  <<5 spaces left
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Faster, Easier, Higher Quality Dentistry

Faster, Easier, Higher Quality Dentistry

Instructor: Gordon Christensen

Mar 13-14, 2020
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